Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Naughty little blogger

Oh Hello. Yes, I've got to admit it.. I've been a naughty little blogger.

But I've been good else where.
You can find me on twitter & instagram these days.

Here's a catch up of what I've been doing.

instagram images

I've also joined up for Send Something Good ... I participated last time in Gentri's Package Pals and I am so excited for this one!! I got assigned my secret blogger yesterday and I gotta say, I am pretty darn excited! I already know lots about them and have a fair idea of what I'm going to send in the package!!! Yay!


  1. Hello Hello sweet girl! - i love that you're carving your own stamps! I would love to write you a little letter if you'd let me! x

    1. i love stamps but as with everything, i have no budget to buy them! so I make my own :) sending you an email


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