Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a hippy life!

Today if you visited my pinterest, you probably would have seen a lot of these images getting pinned! I am so excited to be working on getting Flashbox Creative's first ever collaboration shoot together.... It's in the super super early stages yet, but I am hoping for big things! All part of my plan to get our business  p u m p i n g.

//I've been a little discouraged lately... 

I'm searching for a job and am just not getting anywhere. I don't hear back from any of the jobs I'm applying for and it kind of makes me think that I am not very talented.  

//BUT... I'm trying not to let that get me down, and putting my efforts into my own little business. Life is very hard on only one measly little income... I'm not going to share how much Mr Peck & I are living on at the moment, but let's just say it's enough to cover rent and the food (as long as we don't eat too fancy!)

//POSITIVE THOUGHTS p l e a s e ! && If anyone would like to offer me a job, I'll take it! 

//PS. You can find me on Instagram (under tinkerfinca), Facebook, Pinterest && Twitter too!


  1. There is definitely a modern hippy movement lately =) Hey thanks for the comment. I tried emailing the email you left and it bounced back lol. My email is a.girl.in.transit@gmail.com.

    Thanks again!

    - Sarah

  2. Hello Hello Lovely girl - I stumbled across your blog via pinterest - I saw your washi tape tutorial and almost died! I just can't get enough of the stuff :) - You have such a lovely blog with so much pretty! I will definately be back soon :)
    xo - Rin @ Paperedthoughts


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