Monday, May 2, 2011


YAYYYYY! I am finally home after a really loooooong drive which I never want to do again at that time of the day!

We were planning to leave bright and early yesterday morning, like 6am early, and get home at a reasonable hour but noooo siree, sorry people... not gunna happen. So we ended up leaving at around 5pm! And let me tell you, it is not fun driving around the 1 -3 am mark because all your body is telling you to do, is close your eyes and sleep.

Mr Peck and I always share the driving, one sleeps and the other drives. But I could just not sleep. I would close my eyes, lay there and ... nothing... I'd feel more awake when I was doing nothing than when I was driving.

So anyway... we made it, at 7:30am, day after leaving... we are alive and well (maybe a little tired)!

And now we are off to an engagement/pre-wedding shoot... Hopefully we will be awake enough! I did sleep this afternoon so I should be good !

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