Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sleep deprivation...?

My feature posts are all out of whack and on different days and that pretty much reflects my head right now! I am all over the place. Not much sleep and excessive amounts of stress and work does that to a person.

So today I am feeling really crafty and I was all ready to get some craft on when reality struck and I realised that I actually have just as many assignments to do this week as last, even though they were due this week. And the reason? I managed to wrangle myself some extensions. That doesn't mean I can slack off though, just means I actually have to do them this time! 

But to satisfy my crafting urge I'm just going to share a few pictures and various things so make this an eclectic and almost crafty post. 

First up:

This is a painting I starting and finished yesterday to help out Mr Peck. He had to film an advertisement for College and needed someone to represent the art department and get arty. That was me! Yay... His ad could get selected for actual use by College so here's hoping..

The other reason I did this painting was for my painting and drawing class which is something that was due this week... and which I got an extension for. It is representative of water and a rock pool and that sort of thing... 

Next up:

I found this tutorial and it looks fun. So on that far away day when I finish my assignments (it's not actually too far away, only about 2 weeks at most.. it just feeeeels like forever!) I might give it a wazz... Because let's face it, you can never have enough bags, and this one is just so cute, even though it's labelled as a Poopy clutch it could be so much more!

And then:

Right now, the weather is downright depressing so here's a cheerful photo and colour palette to enjoy.

And finally:

Here's a little bit of writing for you. Care of me. It's pretty random. I wrote it to Mr Peck. I know it's strange but it was 2am and I was super tired and sleep deprived. 

So on this glooomy day where all I want to do is craft, but my list of To Dos is epic, you can help cheer me up by sending some lovely comments my way! ♥

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