Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day of Creativity

Some of you may have heard about this. 30 Days of Creativity means that every day in June (so starting TODAY!) I will be sharing something that I've gotten creative with. Hopefully I can really do this because I need some ways to improve my creative bone and get the juices reflowing. I feel like I used to be a whole lot more creative, and lately I have been letting myself down. It's been going on for a while and I don't feel like myself. So here's hoping this 30 Days of Creativity challenge is gunna get me my creativity back!

Now, I'm not really sure that there are any guidelines to follow. I think you just go ape and create whatever takes your fancy. On the Tumblr they do share a little inspiration calendar thingy bob so I think if I get stuck I'll use that. 

What I need you to do: encouragement please!! I know that I am not the most consistent of people and lack a little bit of will power, so I'm really gunna need you guys to give me a kick up the bum if I start slacking!

One thing that does worry me a little is that near the end of June, Mr Peck & I are leaving on a jet plane to the land of USA. We are going to NY & Chicago... so hopefully I can find ways of sharing my creativeness with you guys! 

I'll share my creativeness for today a little later, but in the mean time I just wanted to offer you a warning.
Pinterest is a dangerous website that should be avoided at all costs. It can ruin your work life, make you fail classes, lead to malnutrition and divorce. It can possibly lead to the need for glasses and cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Just saying.

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