Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, today was the first day of classes for a brand new year of college...
I had one class! It was Christian studies. I go to a Christian college and so it's a core course.
Seems alright so far!

We also went to the opening welcome thingy for all the new and returning students and the main speech was about having a go. The college president told us about how he was watching a cricket game between Zimbabwe and Canada and the Canadians we getting thrashed but weren't fighting back. He said that if it had been an Australian crown watching they would have yelled "Have a go ya mug".. And so he said this year at college, have a go.

So the things I want to have a go at this year are:
  • Being friendly & making an effort to make friends.
    I'm really bad at this. I usually wait for people to talk to me and when they don't, I get upset that I can't make friends and no body likes me. Either that or I make up stories in my head about how they aren't very nice people. (They probably think that about me too)Which is really lame. And I don't like that about myself..
  • Join a basketball team
    The thought of this scares me just a little.. mainly coz I'm not super good at basketball!! But I think this will help with making friends and also with the whole fitness thing.. .
So those are my aims for this year of college.

On another note, Mr Peck & I played Scrabble last night and I would like to announce that I, for the first time in my Scrabble playing career, played a 7 (that's right SEVEN) letter word! I captured this most auspicious and astounding moment on camera.

And also a matter of great excitement - we stopped off at an Op shop on the way home out of randomness and found the bestest table for only $45! So excited!! We have been on the look out for office furniture and right inside the door was sitting this beauty. A scratch of sandpaper and a lick of paint and it will be so so amazing! Will post photos when it gets here!


  1. you'd suit basketball! have a go! I think you'll be great! In fact, you ARE great at anything you try :)

  2. awww thanks so much mezzy! i almost played last year but the team I was with quit... and i play with peck sometimes, so I'm OKish. If i go in the lowest grade i should be fine :)

    ps you still need to send me an email to tell me what you're up to!!


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