Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday blues.

I'm feeling a little bit like this today.


  • lack of sleep
Not used to getting up early and we both have 8am classes so we've been getting up earlier but not going to bed earlier..
  • being alone 
Mr Peck is at college - today is my day off
  • having a completely dirty house
Since we got the new table & got rid of my old one there is stuff everywhere! My old desk had drawers, this table does not. Which means, for now I have nowhere to put stuff
  • not being able to find quirky clothes that I actually like anywhere around here
One of my wishes for this year is that I start buying clothes that I actually really like and that are different and show my personality. The problem is that there are really no shops around here that have those type of clothes. I used to wear clothes mainly from surf shops but now I go into those shops and I don't like the clothes anymore. I don't really know what my style is.. it's hard. I hate it. I never feel stylish... 
  • my throat hurts 
One should not eat so much sugar. Last night we went to the movies and ate 2 little bags of fairy floss. Now my throat hurts ... oh dear - sugar overdose.
  • i lack motivation 
I really just want to have a dishwasher and/or maid. Then the house would be spotless and I could get on with my day. 
I think I'm just gunna have to suck it up.
Maybe a big glass of fresh orange juice will help?

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