Tuesday, March 1, 2011

home icecream + 9 handmade plates

Today was rego day for college. 
I got to talk to my lecturers and decide what I'm doing.. Which before now, I wasn't really sure of. I was just there, studying.. Doing something... And now, well.. I'm doing a Masters!! Ok.. scary! That means I have to write a whole lot of stuff about art, specifically my art and how my process is different to everyone else's and then I get to actually make some of that art... Oh, and did I mention that I have to write a whole lot of stuff?
Yep, got that? Awesome.

So the thing is, I'm not real great on writing. Practical sure, go for it.. Love it. Good at it.. But writing!? You probably get that from reading my posts - my brain is not completely organised and when I write it comes out in one big jumble. A bit of this thought, a bit of that thought, throw in some commas and a few full stops (and possibly some ellipses) and done like a dinner. But I have a feeling that thesis writing is gunna be a little bit of a step up from that.. So .. (AHHHHH) <-- that was a muffled scream into a pillow in case you missed that.

So, after that miniature freak out moment, I got to pick up the plates I made last year in ceramics (which I hadn't seen 'cooked' yet) and boy am I pleased!! So excited by how they turned out! Love Love Love them..
None cracked, and the glazing looks really nice. The first one of the 2 people is the first one I used this glazing on and the pink in the girls dress disappeared so I made sure with the rest of them that I put lots of glazing into the grooves...

PS. It's the beginning on Autumn today. Sad moment. But a little bit happy too... Because I like scarves and cardigans. This summer didn't really seem to ever hit (apart for one week of 40 degree heat) so that makes today a little bit sad. But at least today is a scorcher - around 36 apparently. Which is why we got Home Icecream :) Love that stuff! hehe

PPS. Autumn also means that I have a birthday in 6 days.


  1. love love love your blog chica!!!

    have good week!
    xo monica

  2. wow! Your plates are totally rad!! Are they fully functional? Or were they more for art's sake? Love the designs :)

    You'll do great at your masters!! If a thesis could consist of well-written blog posts, you'd fly through! I like your blog writing! It's fun!

  3. Hello :)
    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Monica - my week is consisting of college.. so I'm not sure how great it will be hehe.. we'll see!

    @Me - The plates are fully functional. Not sure if I want to use them or sell them or display them or what... Thanks :) pretty excited about how they came out.. hoping to do more ceramics this year! Hehe Thanks, I'm glad you find my blog writing fun, I try!!


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