Monday, October 18, 2010

Cottage Living & bits

Wow, this place is so cute! Follow the link and have a look at the inside too... so beautiful!

I've started yet another knitting project. 
I have kind of given up on my last one (was a bolero) because I can't read the pattern... it is so unclear where you're meant to decrease and how many stitches you should have etc... so that's kinda say coz it was cute and I really would love a bolero. So I might go in search of another easier to read pattern. If anyone can recommend one that would be awesome :)

On another note.... 

The other day I discovered this place called Photojojo.. Has a lot of fun camera/photo related things.
Pity that once again, it's American.....

Chalkboard Speech Bubble

Magnetic Polaroid Frames

So many more super cool things too.... they do actually ship to Australia which is cool... but would be great to see some Australian places like this!!

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