Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Office organisation

I'm having one of my cleaning days... it only went as far as the kitchen pantry (oh but yesterday I folded all my t-shirts which usually live in a scrunched heap in my wardrobe shelf... now I look at it and smile when I walk past rather than grimace.)

I came across some cool office things I wish I had...

hehehehehe, my favourite -
Morris the Memo Holder.... so cute! [around $25]
Morris Memo Holder

Rustic Wall Organiser from Potterybarn

 Rustic Wall Organizer   Rustic Wall Organizer
You can get a pinboard, blackboard and a whiteboard... very cool!

...and from the same place, Cubby Organiser

Cubby Organizer, Chippy White

I've always wanted one of these things!!!! Love ♥

This Potterybarn place has such beautiful things!!!

Oh Dear, and another one from there... Wooden Crates!

Wooden Crate Modular Home Office Storage

And of course, they are only in USA & Canada :( 

Sun Jar

Wow, I really like this concept - Called the Sun Jar which collects sun and then shines throughout the night... so pretty :) reminds me of fireflies... Not really office related, but cool anyway!

Super nice desk! We really need an office desk... this one is great because it hides all the messy cables!

close window
Another cutie! Poppy, the magazine rack

That'll do for now :) 
I could go on forever, so many cute things for the office... If I had the money, I'd buy them all.. but for now, I can only look and wish!

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  1. they are real cool. maybe i'll get some, some day..


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