Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bitten by the Travel Bug.... again!

You guys, I had great plans to continue on my plant posts and show you some DIYs and planters.... but time got away and life got in the way (ooo, poetic?!)

Anyway... BIG news!
I'm headed to USA in a few days!!! Yipee...
Mr Peck and I get to participate in Summer Camps in Yosemite!

So excited to be leaving the miserable, cold Sydney behind and heading to summer days (I'm reading about excitedly on my favourite blogs). You better great us with warm sunny days LA!!!

This is my view from work - don't let that blue tinge fool you though, it's definitely storm blue!!

Anyway, so we'll have a spare couple days in LA before we head up to Yosemite.... Any recommendations?

I'll try and post a few updates from camp, but if not... Wishing you a lovely winter (for you Aussies). Can't say I'll be missing it!!!

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