Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Trend | House Plants!

image: via design love fest, by laure joliet

One trend that I'm currently digging: House Plants!!

I've always wanted a garden, and now that I live in an apartment that's a little out of reach.
But you gotta have some green somewhere! I do have a pot or two of succulents on the balcony and of course you could always make a little terrarium, but nothing beats a lovely big, green plant!

You've probably seen pics floating around the internet from Design Love Fest's living room makeover—hard to miss, they're just so beautiful with all that natural light and those plants! And I just stumbled onto another gorgeous living room makeover with the same two elements (natural light & plants) from A Beautiful Mess.

Not only do house plants help to clear pollutants in the air, they provide a place of rest—both visual and physical.

Here's some plants I wouldn't mind finding in my house!

Stay tuned for some planter options, including a fun DIY!

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