Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Simple DIY Necklace

PINCH & a PUNCH for the first of the MONTH!!!
Yep, that's right folks.. It's JUNE already!! And you know what June means? 
30 Days of Creativity!!!

I participated last year and almost got through all 30 days, and only almost because I ended up going to USA is the last few days. Some of my creativity wasn't really that creative, so I'm hoping to step it up a little this year and really produce some things that I'm proud of. Last year I was going to do a give away of the final things, but in the end I was a little embarrassed of them, so I didn't!! Maybe this year I will!

Feel free to join in too, and share what you've made. 

To kick things off I made up a calendar for June (as I don't have one for my wall) that I can cross off as I go.  I'm also going to share a tutorial for making a cute leather necklace (you can see a different version here - I sent it to Michelle as part of my Send Something Good package)...

This necklace is super easy and customisable. I added some washi tape to my circle, but you can paint the leather, cut it any shape you want, or even add beads. I forgot to add the clasp to the supplies - you can get all these things from a good craft/hobby store. I got mine from Spotlight, which is pretty much the same as Michaels in USA.

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