Thursday, May 5, 2011


At the moment I'm feeling a little snowed under. 
It's now the month of Mad May where everything is due at once and it's just a hectic crazy time of the year. 

I have a To Do list the size of both my arms outstretched (which is pretty big coz I'm like an orangutan or something) and as yet I haven't crossed anything off.

I have Flashbox work and College work and it's so confusing which one is more important .. on the one hand I have clients who are expecting results and the other lecturers and my own education to think about.
Decisions Decisions!

Today I have decided to work on my Essay which is due in a week. Remember that one I wanted to hand in on my shirt? Yup.. still going on that!

So here's to a day full of work and work. 

[edit] I just found this lovely quote to give a more positive spin - and yes, I was distracted already by Pinterest.... shame

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