Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On Sunday I finally got to experience one of the parts of my birthday present from Mr Peck - a shopping trip with a stylist.  It was so very fun! I went with Gwen from GwenStyle. At first I was a little nervous but Gwen was sooo so nice and friendly and fun that I quickly got over that and just had fun trying on all the clothes that I would never have normally even looked at! Like Gwen said, it's free to try! And I would totally do it again! Loved it - so much easier than trying to figure things out myself! So if you need a little help in the wardrobe department I totally recommend GwenStyle!

So I bought a few bits which I totally love and can mix and match with clothes I already have. Here's a look.. Sorry most of them are sitting ... that's the only way I could fit in the camera hehe

This is my fav - I just need to work out some shoes lol
Dress - Portmans

Would never have picked this skirt but love it! So comfy and cute
Skirt - General Pants Co, Singlet - Witchery, Cardigan - Portmans

This one is just the top - I wore it today and it was so warm and comfy, perfect for Autumn.
Top - Witchery

This is poncho is so cute :) Nice to dress up a plain t
Poncho - not sure... I forget :(

An option for work - this skirt is so awesome! It's stretchy and a perfect length to be able to bend over and take pics without flashing people hehe. Love it.
Skirt and Singlet - Witchery, Top - Portmans

I just realised that I am missing one of the things I bought - a pair of super comfy floaty pants... I'll try and get a pic of them at some stage... And another top as well.

And this one is just a random - Mr Peck took it for one of his assignments...

And now, on to other news.

We have house guests at the moment which is really nice :) Today Mr Peck & I came home from college to a cooked lunch! How spoilt. And tonight we played a really funny game of extreme Uno... So it's nice to have some company other than ourselves for a little bit!

Well, that's all folks. Tune in next time for more amazing news that will shock and move you.
But really, keep visiting.. it's fun when I get comments from new people!

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