Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oil + water

Today I continued my oil painting which I started last week.
I worked on the water.

I must say I am really liking oil paint! I was a little scared of it, having never done it before.. But I love the way you can move it with your brush and mix colours so easily and add texture and... oh all sorts of things!
And I really like being outside with my easel and some paint and just observing how light changes so quickly.. amazing!

Here's a sneaky peaky.. It's not done yet - still have to add the jetty in the foreground.

And talking of water.. I just found this radilicious (no.. that's not really a word) shower thingy.. teehee.. so fun!

From Uncommon Goods (which looks like a whole lot of fun [and a place where I'm sure I'll waste a good deal of time browsing] just quietly!!)

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