Tuesday, March 22, 2011

autumn -vs- spring

Ok so it's totally not fair!
I am looking at my favourite bloggers all talking about their first spring picnics and the enjoyment of wearing shorts for the first time in ages, while here I am on the other side of the world going into Autumn (not that today is taking any notice of that! It's gunna be in the 30s today)...

So I thought, why not have a face off.. Pros v cons, positives v negatives, pluses v minuses, yes' v nos, yays v nays... you'll be getting the picture by now.

Autumn yipeees
  • It's starting to get cold enough for cardigans & scarves
  • Layering 
  • You can wear more greys & blacks and not get totally hot
  • Pretty autumn trees
  • You can wake up and take a deep breath of crisp autumn air
  • Boots
  • It's my birthday!

Spring yays
  • Prettyful flowers
  • The first day you can wear shorts & a tee is an awesome, awesome feeling
  • Mornings are bright and warm
  • Sandals...
  • Spending more time outside
  • You know summer is coming
  • Spring colours

Autumn dang nabbits
  • It starts getting hard to get out of bed
  • When you wear jeans and it turns out to be a really hot day
  • You know winter is coming
  • It's not easy to get the washing done
Spring noooooos
  • When you don't take a cardigan thinking it will be hot and it gets cold
  • Hayfever
  • Birds start nesting which encourages swooping!!

So I have to say that it's pretty even ... but I couldn't really think of that many 'Spring nooooos'...
Sooooooo ... Spring and Autumn are pretty awesome seasons, each for their own reason.. But I think what makes Spring slightly better than Autumn is that Spring leads to Summer and Autumn to Winter.

What's your pick? Spring or Autumn?

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