Friday, March 18, 2011

computer strike

Well I haven't been around for a little coz I'm on a computer strike.
I wanted to cut back on the hours of useless time wasting that's been happening and try and get some work done  and focus on the real world for a bit... Which has actually been going alright, but I feel like I haven't really gotten anything more than usual done.

Problem is, I kinda need my computer for work - being a graphic designer and all...
So today there's no avoiding it... It's photo editing time.

Oh, and guesssss whatttt!?
I finally managed to crochet something!! It's not finished yet. And there are a few little mistakes in it... But it's actually working and it's really not that difficult! I am totally surprised and pleased at how quick it is and how easy!

And, I am doing a college project that uses knitting... and a lot of it at that. Which is exciting but top secret and even my lecturer won't know about it until it happens! So excited... but means I will be doing A LOT of knitting! Will post a few pics as I go.

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