Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello All.
Been away for the weekend.. again!!
This time we went camping with my bestie Steph & her husband. The location was really cool - right next to a rushing river (that was so loud you couldn't hear anything else - awesome!). Only problem was it was wet... and by wet I mean it rained the whole time! But super fun anyway!

It's nice to be home & clean! 

But the point of this little post was to let you know that one of my Valentine's Day cards got featured on the Storenvy blog! Yipee! So that has bumped up views! 

If any of my readers want to purchase a card, I have 2 shops you can go to -

Storenvy (which has most of my cards - or will have - because it is free for unlimited listings [only problem being it is in $US but that's fine for you US readers!]) 


Big Cartel (which only has 5 listings for free and that's all I want at the moment until I know it's working for me... [but it is in $AU])

I have a range of cards, not only Valentine's Day cards... so please go check them out..

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