Thursday, February 3, 2011

40 degrees & photoshoots.

Ok. So I'm kinda getting sick of this heat. I am beginning to melt.
Today was another 40°C heat day and I have felt so lethargic and lazy all day...

First we went off to the Op shops around here to try and find a blender but we couldn't find one!
I wanted a cheapy one so I can start experimenting with recycled home made paper. But after looking at 4 op shops and various other places we never found one.

What we did find was a pretty sweet chair.. which was only $10!
Bargain of the century. Nothing wrong with it.. and perfect for photoshoots! It's pretty small and it's really light which makes transport easy!

When we got home I stupidly decided I wanted to do a photoshoot with new chair & my knitted skirt that I haven't shown you. So we did. And I melted. But got some alright shots surprisingly!

Um. Oh and I also ended up getting a stick blender from Coles for only $12 so hopefully that will do the trick with the paper. I'll let you know how I go! Pretty excited because I've been waiting and waiting to get a blender to experiment and now I can :)

I am going to turn off my computer now because it's really really hot. Too hot to be on.. I'm scared it will spontaneously explode.

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