Thursday, February 10, 2011

cleaning the kitchen & decorating.

Well, yesterday I got busy.
I woke up and was going to make some oat cakes for breakfast [as our pantry was looking mighty bare after spending way too much money of random crapola last week and running low on funds this week - {which, by the way sucks and I hate not being able to buy random things especially when everyone around you is... but am beginning to come terms with and slowly accepting that it takes time to build up money and work and all those things that lead to an unstressed financial situation}]

Um. where was I!?
Oh yes,.. I always have to start with a clean slate before I cook things.  So I started by washing the dishes... and then I got to wiping the benches {of which there are a lot in my chicken [aka kitchen]} and then I got to moving the appliances around so I could wipe under them.. and then I got to wiping the appliances.. annnd then I got to rearranging the appliances.

So then after that, I actually made my oat cakes, came to the computer to go through some emails & blogs.. and then about 15 mins later I smelt a faint burning smell.. oopsie.. Oat cakes were a little brown {maybe close to chocolate brown} when they are meant to be yellow! and then about 1 min later the oven timer beeps. Hey, thanks oven.. you're swell.

They still tasted ok...
But back to my decorating bit.
I got the urge to make pompoms. They're so soft and fluffy :)
I saw this little picture a while ago {the idea has now spread all over blogland & you can find multiple tutorials if you search for pom pom flowers}

I didn't really love it that much to want to do it..
But I wanted something to put in my painted bottles and what's better than fake flowers... {yeah, quite a bit but shh.. } no really. these are pretty cute for fake things.

So here are mine.. I am going to make more yet but only got around to 2 yesterday..

And just for fun, this is what's written on our blackboard at the moment.. from me to Mr Peck..


  1. haha adorable note. and i need to make those pom poms - love them!

  2. do it! so satisfying hehe and so cute :)

  3. I adore this idea! Especially the blackboard.

  4. the blackboard is a lot of fun :) the people we are renting from painted it there (other wise i probably would have done it in a more creative shape lol)
    and the pompom flowers are just too fun, I've since made like 5 more hehe can't stop!


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