Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, hello!

I am finally home. Yes... ahh .. it's good to be home (except for when you haven't been home for almost a month and the house you left clean smells musty and everything is dusty and there's loads of washing to be done!)

Holidays were magnificent. First Mr Peck & I went on holidays with my family to Coffs Harbour over Christmas to do a spot of camping.. apart from the rain it was lots of fun.. here's a picture or 2:

Lots of birds there, including ducks and lorikeets
You can't really tell, but I was in agonising pain from this - it's from a stinging tree

Then after that we drove all the way to Melbourne to hang out with Mr Peck's family for a New Years

Me looking a little to chirpy before the walk (hehe)

We went for a walk at Wilson's Prom... nice view!!
Then... after that we headed to Tasmania to shoot a wedding and then stay with Mr Peck's relatives for a little over a week... 
We saw so many things, we went somewhere different everyday! Was lots of fun. I liked Tassie.. just wouldn't live there.. something about being not able to drive to Sydney, or anywhere kinda freaks we out haha.. 

Tasmazia - only a smaller one within the large one.. They give you a list of things to find and we were there for a few hours and did not find everything!

Mr Fern

A large tree

Heaven!! berry picking!!!! yayyyy! Loved this.

Ohh, and I finished the skirt that I was knitting!! Yipee. Will have to take a picture of it at some stage - along with all the other things I've never taken a picture of haha.. 

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