Thursday, November 11, 2010

hello hello knitted stools.

Was browsing through the style files thinking about my previous posts on knitted furniture and found these stools by Claire-Anne O'Brien... how random that I was just thinking about a similar thing hehe..

A quote from her website in explination: 
Claire-anne O' Brien is an Irish designer, based in London and a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art [2010]. Combining a longstanding passion for textiles with product and furniture design, sculptural and playful knits explore the boundaries of form and function. Though traditionally associated with garment making, knittings unique structural and decorative qualities, such as circular knitting and its endless combinations of stitches, means it has many exciting possibilities in other areas of design. In a play on scale, the very structures of knitting itself are celebrated -such as loops and tubes- and used as building blocks from which to construct 3d forms with. Complimenting these forms with a sensitivity to materials and attention to detail, to create exciting handmade interior pieces.
Pretty interesting pieces :)

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