Wednesday, November 10, 2010

better day...

Yay... yay.. and YAY.

Thankfully today was sooooOoOOoo much better than yesterday.
Could it have to do with the fact that last night I caught up on reading the Lesson for the week (which I've missed this week due to crazy busyness) and this morning gave this day to God and asked Him to do with it what He wanted.... Most likely! :)

I handed in my review and gave a presentation on my book, which went well.
Then I was going to go to the ceramics shed and do some work only to find it was shut but as I was walking away my lecturer (who is never around when you need him and always there when you don't) drove up and opened the shed for me. So I got to work on my plates... My first glazed one cracked in the kiln which was a little disappointing but it still looks cool,.. so now I'm excited about glazing the rest.. I glazed 2 today and the rest need to be fired the first time still.

Here's a look at the cracked one...

P.S. my thumb keeps twitching....

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  1. lookin good jas! and yep, i reckon you know why you had a better day :) glad to hear it!


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