Monday, November 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm almost done with college and promise I will be back after tomorrow!! My last assignment is due then yipeeee..

Today I printed my linos.. .and it was a little frustrating coz they all smudged and no matter what adjustment I made to the printing press, whether more pressure or less, helped... I think it may have something to do with the paper?? Coz it's super absorbent so maybe it absorbs the ink and thus doesn't stick to the lino and moves as it rolls.. I don't know.. but they are done and I am relatively happy. Will post pics tomorrow after they get assessed...

So that's my last assignment.. and I am happy :)
All my plates are done too.. haven't seen them glazed yet but fingers crossed they came out ok coz all the glaze was dried out and Tony (lecturer) told me just to scoop it into the spray gun and mix some water in with it but I think I added too much water as it was runny as and came out too fast/much... so I'm not sure if they will be as nice as I'd hoped.. But Tony said that he was really happy with what I've done and thinks that with a bit more refinement they will be really marketable.. so that's good news :) means I might have something to sell at markets! I just need a kiln! hehe

well, that's about it.. sorry for the talking and no pics - I don't have any yet :( But I will try and get some for tomorrow..

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