Friday, August 6, 2010

Craft projects

Thought I'd do a list of the craft projects I want to undertake at some stage... [hopefully in the near future!!]

From top left: 1 Gift Ideas from Inhabitat 2 Bottles from Martha Stewart 3 Gift Ideas from Inhabitat 4 Ruffle Pillow from Copy Cat Chic 5 Pennant Rubber Stamp Roller from Just Something I Made 6 Flower Pin from Molly Chicken 7 Flower Garland from Once Wed  8 Ruffle Shirt from Tea Rose Home

I bought more wool today... [can't resist!!] still working on my scarf and loving how quick it is to knit 20 odd stitches instead of 80+. New project is a loosely knitted top to wear over swimmers. Mr Peck chose it... so we'll see how it goes. Will finish the scarf first!

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