Sunday, August 8, 2010

House inspiration [yes please!]

Welcome to a glorious Sunday morning :)
Yesterday Mr Peck and I has a super day hanging out with some extended family. We had a yummy lunch, scored some free baby things [& no, there's nothing I'm not telling you...but I am a little bit obsessed with babies at the moment , shhhh] and then went for a nice walk. We ended up staying til late and Mr Peck got a lesson in playing the saw! All in all an awesome Sabbath day :)

So before today I was importing my posts to Facebook through the Notes application but today I'm trying something new... Hello to all my Facebook readers [all 4 of you so far!!] This is kind of a test post.

But enough writing... Have to give you something pretty to look at, no? And because it's Sunday, let's look at house things [NB: these are pictures that I have saved before my blog days so I'm not sure where I got them from. Most are probably from Design*Sponge and other blogs I read regularly. You can check out which ones I read on the right]

Oh, and before I forget! I got an email from a company that does canvas printing and everything is 50% off! Not sure how good they are... but they are cheap at the moment! Here's the link if you are interested Cheap Canvas Prints

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