Thursday, October 18, 2012


Oh man!!

I can't believe I haven't posted for so long. The shame!!

So, time for a quick update...

Since I last posted here are some things that have happened:

1. I got a job
2. I got another job
3. I moved (and we still don't have internet)

Now to expand!

1. The first job was more like a paid internship at the college my husband is studying at. I work in the design department two days a week.   The graduate design subjects are run as a class/business and the students get the opportunity to work with real clients.

Officially my title is "Traffic Manager/Intern" which basically means I run meetings in the morning to make sure everyone is on task and knows what's happening, and I do all the dirty work and jobs that the class is too busy to work on. It's been great to learn how to be more organised and confident at running meetings.  I've only got 4 more weeks of that... and that also means that Mr Peck only has 4 more weeks of what seems like an eternity of study!! YAY! (I'm so proud of you honey sweety pie!!)

2. The second job is more of an official design job, and my first ever 'proper' job! I work at Hopping Mad Designs three days a week as a junior designer. The travel is pretty hectic and has taken me a while to get used to. I get up at 5:45am and get home around 6:45pm. So.... there isn't much time for anything in between! I take the train to work, which is nice and relaxing but can be annoying when there are 3 people in the quiet carriage are competing in some unannounced snoring competition.

3. We moved houses so I could be closer to my job. It cut about 45min off my commute which is definitely awesome.  Mr Peck inspected the place and I didn't see it except for a few photos before we moved.  Mr Peck also did an amazing job of packing and unpacking and moving mostly without my help! What a champ!! This is the first time we have lived in an apartment and while there are a few things to get used to, I have loved it! We have a great balcony where you can relax in the sun of an afternoon (on the weekends).

So there has been a lot for me to adjust to and it has been a bit of a weird adjustment. I went from having all the time in the world—to the point of having too much time—to having no time at all.  I went from sleeping in as long as I wanted to getting up before the sun. I went from having 2 hours to cook dinner to having a few moments of time with Mr Peck and then breaking myself away to try and get something out as fast as I can so satisfy my rumbling stomach. I went from worrying about money to actually being able to afford some 'just because' things!

Overall, it's been such a blessing to get a job and I'm sooo grateful!!

But, I guess it means my plans for this blog may have to wait... at least until I get the internet at home!!
I will try and find the time to post every now and again, but on the whole Tinker Finca may have to be put on pause.....

Stick around though, and even if I'm not posting I often check into Facebook and update you that way.

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