Friday, August 24, 2012

Cook | Cashew Spread

Another delicious lunch.... I'm really starting to get into this lunch business now!

This week I found Happy.Healthy.Life and fell in love with the gorgeous bright photos and was impressed/surprised that vegan food could look so good!

I have wanted to try going vegan (I'm already vegetarian) for a while because I'm not sure that dairy really is that great for me.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why we are the only adults (including adult 'animals') that still drink milk, and that milk is from other animals (meant for their babies)? It's kind of gross really... imagine if your dog drank human breast milk..? Weird no? Also, I'm pretty sure there's been a few studies that show calcium from dairy is really hard for the body to absorb.

So, instead of using cream cheese or butter like I normally would, I tried out a version of Happy.Healthy.Life's Lemon Pepper Cashew Walnut Spread. I didn't have any walnuts or lemon so I just stuck with cashews. It was great! Better than my last attempt at almond butter that never turned into butter.....

FYI - Photo edited with VSCO Film 02

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