Monday, July 30, 2012

State of Change

I don't know quite when it happened, or what exactly sparked it... but blogs have lost their sparkle for me.
I used to be excited to read the next post, find the next DIY, cook the next recipe. But now all I see are endless rehashing and 'inspiration' posts of collected images from somebody else. I'm not trying to be critical of anyone and I know that I fall under the same category and I definitely see that there are amazing blogs out there with original, well thought out content. 

But...To me, a lot of it looks the same. It's like someone decided that neon pink is the colour of the 'moment' and suddenly everyone is trying to incorporate neon pink. Or those necklaces out of polymer clay beads...Or triangles!! It seems like any time someone has an original amazing idea that is super popular, everyone starts jumping on that bandwagon to try and snap up a piece of that moment. And my blog was in that world, trying to compete with that endless 'copycatting' and rehashing. My blog was that blog I now find so irritating!

So that's why I've decided that Tinker Finca is going to be different. A change of direction, a shift in focus. Hopefully to a point of much more interesting, original content with an editorial feel. I'll be posting regularly but not everyday. I'll be planning out 'articles' and having photo shoots. And there will still be tutorials and DIYs (because that's definitely a big part of me).  

It's not that I don't want to be part of the popular world, but I guess I've always had this urge to be different. When everybody goes right, I always have the urge to go left! If something gets popular, I always feel the urge to abandon it. But it's not even about that urge in me to be 'rebellious', this change is about who I am. It's about making the opportunity to write about things I'm truly passionate about, that truly interest me in this point in my life.

I hope you embrace the changes I'll be making over the next few weeks and enjoy the new direction of Tinker Finca.


  1. Like your change! Go ahead;)

  2. haha dare I say it...inspiring!! :) Seriously, you go girl - March to the beat of your own dru!, it is interesting enough that (she who does not subscribe to blogs) I'll Follow you and see where you go.

    1. Thank you so much Jessica, I've been really nervous about sharing the above and making a step outside of my comfort zone. Hopefully I can pull it off and you will enjoy where I'm headed!

  3. wow!! I am feeling a bit the same at the moment too :/ everytime I think awesome that would be so cool I'm totally doing it! there is someone who already has.... pressure to keep up is endless - and I am sure I will have been guilty of a few of those crimes myself but I sure am (well trying) giving original content a red hot go!

    looking forward to seeing the Tinker Finca 2.0 :)


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