Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exhibition project.

Yesterday was Mr Peck & my 2 year anniversary!

And in other news, I did get a request for a post on my art project so I'm going to share what I'm doing for my end of year exhibition.

It's still in very early stages yet, but essentially what I'm doing is making a knitted environment. The idea behind it is escaping from reality into a soft, almost womb like structure. So far I have built the structure and started knitting bits and pieces... below are some pictures and sketches for you to have a look at.

I bought myself an I-cord machine and am waiting and waiting for it to arrive because as you first enter (through the hole, which will be strung with elastic so you have to squeeze through it) there will be heaps of i-cord hung from the ceiling and you will have to make your way through it, pushing it aside as you go. 

After you get through that, you will come to an open space filled with... I'm not sure yet.. You'll have to stay tuned! Any ideas?

Seeing as the exhibition will be during summer, I am planning to have a small fan going which will create some air and movement. I am also planning on having some interesting lighting and some soft sounds.

I'l keep you updated as I make progress!

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