Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 15: Covered Tin

So, Mr Peck & I collected all the tins from eclipse mints (I can't shouldn't chew gum coz I have this clicky jaw thing) we have gone through over the last couple months which added up to about 4 or so... and tonight when I wanted to use them, I couldn't find them! Typical... It seems like everything goes missing in this house, from my belt to my camera cards (don't even want to go there.. today was a day of loosing things) It makes me so frustrated!! But I know why I loose things (and I say I because it is usually me that looses things, not Mr Peck) and that's because I don't put things away after I use them.... yup, guilty as charged!

Anyway, I managed to find one at least and here's what I did to it:

Take 1 tin + 1 piece of pretty paper, glue and wrap & taadaa... pretty tin!

EDIT: I totally just realised that day 15 marks half way!! I didn't think I'd make it all this way but I have :) Looking for ward to the next 15 which hopefully I can keep up with while in in USA!

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