Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Today I'm Grateful For

  1. Having amazing in-laws! I have been camping with them for the last week and am now staying at their house for the next week and they are just so so nice and fun and everything I could wish for! 

  2. Pastors who actually preach the Bible and tell it like it should be! Last week I was at Victoria Easter Camp and the youth speaker had some really inspiring and great messages.

  3. Hot showers and warm beds because after being without for a week makes you realise how lucky we actually are to have easy access to this stuff when so many around the world don't.

  4. Having a beautiful niece who just happens to have down syndrome.  While it is sad and undoubtedly will get harder and harder as she grows up, I am so glad that my eyes have been opened and I am now more accepting and loving of people with disabilities as well as the families and people who care for them. I went to an easter parade in Bendigo on the weekend and in there was a group of people from Creatability (a local art group for disabled people) and to see them parading down the street with everyone else, carrying their various works of art brought tears to my eyes. I am always touched to see that even though there are those that may be less able than you or me, they still get out there and get involved in different things, have a go, and be happy! My niece is the most beautiful and loving kid and I know she will be accepted by most but there is still that minority that will ignore her and treat her differently. It's not going to be the easiest ride in the world but I'm sure my family will agree when I say, we couldn't love Miss Lil any more that we do... and of course I'm equally as grateful to have a beautiful nephew as well :)
Only 4 today because the last was so long!

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