Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to Wednesday feature

In this segment I will take the time each week to say what I am thankful for in the week or day so far. Maybe also what I am thankful for in advance! I'll aim for 5.  Just my little way of staying positive and sharing that with you guys.. Please feel free to join in and link up!

Today I'm Grateful For
  1. My Husband (Mr Peck) who puts up with my constant craziness and bad moods and loves me no matter what - like today when I wanted him to come to work with me and he couldn't because he had homework to do and I left in a huff. I'm sorry mi amor!
  2. Having a bit of regular work so we can have a little bit of extra money.
  3. Arms and legs that let me play basketball (even if it's just by myself and really badly ;)
  4. A God who loves me no matter what - even when I neglect Him...
  5. Family

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