Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alphabetically Me.

The ABCs of Me!

Age: 23

Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Putting clean clothes away after I get them off the line. I am so bad! They stay in the basket til I need it, then onto the bed, then usually onto the toybox/clothes box at the end of our bed, then Mr Peck has to get his clothes out of there so they go into the basket again or onto the floor.. By which time most of them have been worn once or twice and the clean is mixed with the not so clean... so it gets washed again... or I get sick of it and put them away. Bad right? I also dislike washing day or 2 old dishes (which they tend to always be!)

Dogs: I have one that doesn't live with us :( because we can't... because we live downstairs from our landlord people and they said yes we could have her first, but changed their mind later. (I already had her for a few years) So now she lives with mum & dad... Her name is Turbo and she is a mini foxy. I would love more dogs.. bigger ones :)

Essential start of your day: As soon as I get up I have to pee... (awkward) haha .. that's pretty much the only thing I do regularly of a morning

Favorite color: Green

Gold or silver: Silver/White Gold

Height: 172-6cm (somewhere around that)

Instruments I play (or have played): I have played the clarinet since I was about 10.

Job title: Graphic Designer/Photographer/Artist

Kids: Not yet.. but soon hopefully! And a few, like 3-5

Live: NSW, Australia

Mum's name: Christine

Nickname: Jassy, Jas, Spazzjet, Spazzlet, Esau, Mutant (for being left-handed)

Overnight hospital stays: When I broke my arm by rolling off the top bunk of a bunkbed.... Like a over t. haha ... I was a crazy kid.

Pet peeve: Girls wearing shoes they can't walk in. That, and my hair haha

Quote from a movie: "Ollo" - my new favourite! From Mastermind. But I have sooooo many! Mostly from kiddy movies!

Right or left handed: Left... yewww

Siblings: Sister and Brother (who is in search of a girlfriend if you live in the NSW area hahaha)

Time you wake up: depending on the day, generally around 9 or 10. But on a school day 7 or 8

Underwear: Bonds ... Can't stand anything else haha

Vegetables you dislike: Beetroot ewwww.. But I love Beetroot soup.

What makes you run late: Sleeping in or not being able to find something to wear that I like

X-rays you've had done: Wrist

Yummy food you make: I think I do alright with most of the things I cook :)

Zoo animal: Hmmm..... probably have to say Red Panda - do they have those in the zoo?!

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