Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's and the rest


Well Valentine's Day day was a bummer. I was in bed all day feeling terrible.
So luckily we did our little Valentine's Day thing the night before.
We had a feast of croissants, ginger kisses, grapetiser, hot chocolate & icecream care of Mr Peck .. cute.

We exchanged gifts first off and Mr Peck opened his first. I got him some white pants from Saba, coz he said he wanted some.. They look like these ones:

And then Mr Peck hands me a little package. I seriously thought it was soap, I almost smelled it. 
Then upon opening it, I was dumbfounded and started crying haha.. such a dill-burger.
Mr Peck got me an Ipod.. coz I always steal his android to download cool apps and stuff and secretly {but not so apparently} wanted my own thing to download cool apps with. 

SO.. he got me an Ipod.. I had no idea..! Not even a clue. Coz he said his present hadn't come yet..
So he got me this in the meantime.. Cheeky mono {Spanish for Monkey}

Here is me looking suitable thrilled and dorky.

And then we watched You Again.. Which was pretty funny/dorky/funny.

Then on actually Valentine's Day Mr Peck looked after me and put some DVDs on for me to watch and I played with my Ipod, downloading all the cool free apps hehe.. 
And then the other thing Mr Peck was waiting for came.. 
And it was MORRRISS!!!! :)

Hehehe I love Morris. Mr Peck told me to close my eyes and he gave it to me and as soon as I felt his ears I knew it was Morris!  Mr Peck read my blog & saw that I wanted Morris.. and got him for me :)

And then Mr Peck went to the shops and came back with a rose.. {a fake rose that smells like real rose} lol
And a romantic movie - Going the Distance {which was actually pretty funny}
My husband is just too cute!! I love him! A lot!
And not just on Valentine's Day, I still love him today as well ;)

And the rest of what I wanted to tell you was that I've finally decided on a name for my cards and set up a facebook page for them.. So go over and become a fan of:


  1. Wow an iPod is an amazing Valentine's day gift!


    {There's a giveaway going on over at my blog amyrenepowell.com ... love to see you there!}

  2. and totally unexpected :)
    that's what i love about it most!


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