Friday, February 25, 2011

Photoshoots + Eating out.

Wowee. I did not realise that today is Friday. That really crept up quick.
Probably coz this week was so jam packed!!

I'll give you a run down.

I don't actually remember that far back... Hmm where was I? Probably stayed home all day in my PJs!
Oh no.. I remember now!! 

Monday was the day I made paper with my buddy old pal Lara. Which came out nice... real nice! I'm getting a stock pile up so I can be ready to print when the few stockist I am getting make their orders.. (that's pretty exciting news by the way! I have one definite and 2 possibles..!!)

8:15pm Dinner at Mad Mex... Um if you haven't tried this... DO.. sooo good!

9:00pm movies to watch Unknown.. Which was pretty decent. 

9:20 am Airport to drop Lara off 

10am Continued on to Nelson Bay for a job thingy that I got.
It's taking photos of clothes for a surf shop that sells online and then deep etching them. 
Sweet gig.. Pretty chillaxed and interesting..

10am Interview for retail job. Running late.. Hectic... First interview ever {I know.. crazy right?!}
Went well.. I guess.

1pm Photoshoot with Gideon & Kimberly at the beach. Was a super nice day! 

6:00ish pm Dinner & drinks at Monkey Monkey Monkey.

Menu consisted of Brushetta {that was so yummy!}, Pizza with pumpkin, garlic aoli, spinach and goat's cheese, a Chai milkshake {so good} and Mr Peck had a lychee & something else frappĂ©.

12:30pm Photoshoot at Manly Beach. Found out on way that I didn't get the job. No worries... {ok maybe a little disappointed...}
Shoot went well. Nice cloudy but bright light. Got a little sunburnt! {the curse of white freckly skin}

4:30pm Traffic on way home crazy and we're both tired so we decided to stop for rest & food. 
I forget the name of the place but they had some nice pasta dishes!
Mr Peck got Pumpkin Gnocchi & I got Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. 
Good! {photos from Ipod.}

6:30pm Almost home. I drove & Mr Peck slept :)
{sorry hun, couldn't resist hehe}

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  1. u pretty much ruined ur post, with that last pic..


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