Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm feeling so uninspired!
All I want is some chunky chunky wool + some knitting needles then I'd be right.

from yokoo

Gotta say I love her chunky chunky knitting skills & crazy photos .. super dooper cute!

Today I went for a job trial/job thing. Which went well + I'm happy!
I kept praying for some work + this is an answer to prayer. Also tomorrow I have another interview. Hoping it goes well.

I also just sent out some emails about my cards + did some heavy but targeted facebook liking/commenting which gained me 3 fans right away.. so that looks like the go. I'll have to hit that up regularly + then maybe some will actually buy my cards! {I wish I could sound more pro + popular + say that I have sold billions. .. But that would be stretching the truth.. just a little itty bit}

So not much to share.
I was thinking in my head on the way back from said job that I should start learning how to code online shops + make me one of those.  I hand code all the websites I design + definitely need to keep teaching myself new tricks.

Oh. And the other thing that I have to code is a brand spankin' new website for Flashbox.
Mainly just for the wedding photography side of it. To make it more appealing + capturing.
And more weddingy. And show off our photography skills a little better.

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