Tuesday, February 8, 2011

handmade recycled paper.

Last week [or maybe the week before last] I was at home and running my card ideas by my mum.
Always a great idea to do this because if your mum is anything like mine, you will come away with infinite new ideas & inspiration.

Which I totally did.

One of those ideas was instead of buying water colour paper to make my cards out of [which was ending up way way too expensive] why not make the paper.

Brilliant! Because what I really wanted out of my paper was for it to be a little bit rough and full of texture and looking like a sketch page... 

So after much time in-between that was filled with lots of other stuff to do [which I wasn't too happy about - I just wanted to try it!] I finally got around to making some! 

We used to make the stuff as kids and had a bit of a kit so I used that and some scrap paper I had laying around  [I'm thinking I might be able to source free scrap from college.. they just chuck it anyway - that means FREE paper :)]

Here's a look see at how it turned out [I should have taken process photos.. next time]

I only made 2 pieces to start as I wasn't sure how it would print/look/work but I am totally happy with it [apart from the creasing - not sure where that came from ;) and the dimensions of the sheet of paper are a bit different to my design so I just have to adjust that]. 

I want to also experiment with different fabrics in the middle of the paper making sandwich instead of the standard fly screen stuff... so instead of the squares I can get a linen effect or similar.

The other great thing about homemade paper is you can do any colour, any texture, any additions [such as perfume, cotton, leaves, glitter etc] that you wish and that goes with you're design.. Awesome..!

And of course, you just can't beat free!!

I'm trying to think up of a name for my cards too.. like 'such & such' by Flashbox Creative.
So any ideas are welcome!!


  1. love it! i love anything handmade. rough is awesome :)

  2. i love love love the handmade paper idea. I remember doing it when I was younger too, and am keen to make paper here too! I have been looking over the last few months for a kit ..or I could just make the frame thing...anywho...three cheers for free and reusing and 'green' cards!! make your own and that means less 'production' and chemicals and ick. yay you.

  3. thanks guys! I'm pretty excited coz it means freee paper! Always great :) I also happen to love the look too


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