Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Hey there bloggy blog blog...

I was going to take a photo of my knitted skirt to put up today... buut I was feeling unhappy with myself and thus did not wish to have a photo.. So Mr Blog, no photo today.

Yesterday day I hanged out with my other good friend, Marianne.  She also has a blog, and I think you should go look see.  We like to encourage each other and things like that. I met her when I was studying graphic design and we both like crafty things and so we have a lot of similarities in where we are trying to go with our creativeness. You would like her Mr Blog..  Anyway, on the way home on the train I had nothing but my sketch book for occupation so I sketched and Marianne told me to show her when I got home..

So here is what I drew.. not super exciting, just some ideas for my cards and the like.

Also, I have a new husband ..

I have been waiting the longest time for this!  Mr Peck has been growing his hair for the last 6 odd months and I liked it.. but prefer it short! So now it's finally short!! Looks nice I think. You?

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  1. Cool! Nice sketchies! Thanks for showing me :) I had a nice day yesterday as well. I am still waiting patiently for a photo of this skirt!!!!



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