Sunday, December 5, 2010

silly season...

they don't call it the silly season for no reason.
and i for one am over it already!
over the traffic, over the christmas movies on tv, over all my favourite blogs being filled with gift ideas, over the crazy people running around buying meaningless gift, over the empty, consumerist driven mess this time of year becomes.

sorry to not be festive... but this has never been my favourite time of year, and probably never will be.

i do enjoy new years... and the fresh beginnings it brings, the excitement of a new year and the endless possibilities that could be.

so until then - don't expect me to be cheery and chirpy and giving you gift ideas and christmas inspiration.
sorry folks.

I haven't been the chirpiest lately.. possibly coz of all the crazy people around. but you can't blame others for your problems. i don't really know what the problem is.. perhaps it's lack of sleep? (it's holidays.. who sleeps in holidays?!) or just me dwelling on things that shouldn't be dwelt on... anyway. i need to snap out of it.

So, when life gives you lemons (and your lemon tree is sporting lots of lemons) - you gotta make lemonade.
Here's a recipe!

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  1. haha i had to laugh when i read this cos I just finished posting my own blog about Christmas! What opposite feelings we have at the moment! you should take a read of my blog :)

    i agree though, i don't like the consumerist meaninglessness that others make christmas into.


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