Sunday, November 28, 2010

When I grow up I want...

...A whole zoo full of animals!

Yesterday I put my status on facebook as "I want some pets" and got a few comments back of offers.
The thing is, I can't have any here because this is a rental, and they won't let us ... so that's unfortunate.

But, it got me thinking! If I had lots of land, and lots of money, and lots of help... What would I have?

So here is a little list... :)

1 x horse (or 2 if Mr Peck wanted one)
This is a Paint, they are beautiful! But any horse will do :)

1-2 x Alpaca

1 x Angora Pygmy Goat
(Little & cute!)

2-4 x Ducks
(This one is a Mandarin Duck)

but failing getting that one ...
just a plain old pair of Australian Wood Ducks :)
(which we do actually have living around our house)

2x Dogs
(one big one  & one we already have - Turbo the mini foxy)
I love Blue Lacy dogs, but not sure if you can get them here...

so failing that, a Husky will do :) or something equally as cool

4 x Hens & 1 x Rooster
(for the fresh eggs - I grew up with hens...and dogs, and horse..and guinea pigs, 
and snakes (but they were just in the wild - and often ate our guinea pigs and hens))

some silky bantams would be great too

1 x Miniature Donkey

2 x Swans (black)

2 x Highland Cows
(are these not the most awesome thing you've seen?!)

2 x Deer

1-2 x Rabbits
( Only like the short haired dwarf rabbits though)

Possibly some Mice & a Rat

1 x Ferret

1 x Snake
(For Mr Peck)

2 x Miniature Pigs

And for the unrealistic but so, so cool pets:

1 x hedgehog

2 x Monkeys

1 x Squirrel

1 x Sugar Glider

2 x White Snowy Owls

1 x Lemur

2 x Red Panda

And that about does it....!


  1. oohh jas this made me laugh!! Is that duck for real?! (oh dear.. the f is too close to the d on a keyboard....oops!)

    and that bunny is so cute! I'd like a bunny. I think that is first on my list when we get a house. As for now, my little canary will do!

    and then an alpaca... or a sheep :) maybe I can spin the wool and knit it!

  2. yep, that duck is really real! pretty cool ey?!

    I thought of the wool value in the alpaca! Would be so cool to spin your own wool, you could have an endless supply of wool.. Perfect! :)


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