Friday, October 22, 2010

Fill in the Blanks Friday

It's Friday again!

1. I am in the middle of cooking spinach and tofu lasagna... but other than that,.. I am me. I try and live simply, humbly and do the right thing... 

2. I wish that Flashbox Creative had more business and that we could afford to buy a house... then I could plant things in a garden and paint and decorate just how I want. I also wish that I had a dishwasher.. or a maid. I also wish that we had enough money to go on all the trips overseas that are on offer.

3. I like spring days where the sun is warm. I like the smell of fresh sheets. I like buying things that I need and being satisfied that I didn't waste money hehe

4. I can hear lots of birds outside.

5. I hope my heart is ok... and that the lasagna turns out good coz I'm so hungry!!

6. I think about too many things at the same time and I get a sore head... but one thing I think about a lot at the moment is babies... hahaha...

7. I was cooler once upon a time and I want to get back to that. Now I'm a little bit boring... like I wake up in the morning and get excited if it's sunny coz it means I can do a load of washing... that's pretty sad huh!

Happy weekend!
I'm off to QLD tomorrow to shoot a wedding :)

Questions from the little things we do
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