Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So.. this blog isn't really going where i thought it would... or where i wanted it to. guess i am a little neglectful and lazy and thus i don't update as often as i want.

i really need to get pics of my latest projects up here... i never gave you any of mr peck's vest.. nor have i showed you pics of my scarf that i finished but not quite [because i'm totally undecided on what to do to the ends {and don't really like the way it curls in - should have knitted into the back of each first stitch or done a border apparently - too late now}] ... i could also show you pictures of my bolero that i'm part way through but totally sucking at because i can't read the pattern!

perhaps i haven't done those things because secretly a. i'm not satisfied with them b. i'm scared you'll judge me [but i don't really think this is true] c. i don't think anyone actually reads this and cares enough [or if they do they don't comment to tell me]

so... i'm a little discouraged. and thinking... what's the point.

well maybe the point is just for me to have somewhere to show invisible people the things in my life that i do so i feel like they matter and are not just me doing things for the sake of doing things. but probably not.

i'm pretty sure no one will read this ... so here's some pictures for you to look at.
and if you're wondering what they mean, don't. i'm working on surrealist things for college. i don't really like them and i don't like drawing and my lecturer is making me draw. she is scary and i don't really like her. she told me that last semesters work was a failure. now i don't feel like doing anything. i don't think i needed to hear that.

By Eva Ludwig via Art Offer

By Vladimir Kush via My Modern Met


  1. I read you :) the funniest thing is, I've been having the same 'what is my blog all about' thoughts recently and was going to post some very similar thoughts tonight, but I wasn't feeling brave enough. Well done for being brave and vulnerable and transparent. and maybe you should just keep drawing.... and drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing......and eventually you'll stumble into wonderfulness and blissful artistic satisfaction. it's inevitable.

  2. hehe thanks Jo.
    I had a break through today... i was waiting for class that didn't ever happen and after about an hour and a half of waiting around and surfing the net my lecturer came in to talk to me and was like why don't you do prints instead of drawing. so now I'm going to experiment with lino prints and the printing press.. pretty excited :)


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