Monday, September 27, 2010



Today has been quite a productive day! Yay!
Which is great because at the end of this week, it's holidays.. but before I get there I have a few mid semester check ups... specifically for studio, which is what I worked on today.

I found some more inspiration.. this time from a Polish artist called Jacek Yerka

I really like what he had to say about making his art:
"Making a painting is not an easy thing. All begins in the head and through the left hand and soft 2B pencil is registered in checker notebook in a form of few-inch size drawings. 
If the idea is worth to be developped, it is then coloured with crayons, some new details are added and all is draught on good quality paper of size 14 x 11,5 cm with full colours.
Such a project is then presented to the Family Jury (my wife and 4 daughter), that in most cases issues the rejection sentence, accompanied with bitter and negligent comments. Usually such a verdict is followed by unnecessary family tension and door slamming.
In the next stage, the projects gains maturity , lying under old bills or other designs. If at the second approach, usually after a few weeks, the verdict remains unchanged, the project ends its life at my archives, or , eventually may be sold to collectors.
But in most cases, one of my girls having mercy over my work, expresses reluctant interest of the previously rejected project - in the minutes its status changes to the prospectuous work and serves as basis for pastels in the size of 60x48 cm."
So very funny :) [and quite typically Polish]

Annyyywayyy.. so .. today I worked on my linocut.
First time doing it so I'm hoping I've done it right and it comes out how I expect.
Pretty pleased with how it's looking and excited to see the final outcome... I'm going to put it through a printing press tomorrow.

Here are some pics:

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