Friday, September 3, 2010

Cleaning time

Friday is the one day of the week that there is no excuse not to clean. You gotta get the house in order, get ready for the weekend... and all before nightfall.

But I'm just not feeling it... .. ... . . I have this urge to whine "but I don't wannnnnaaaaa" to whoever will listen.

Mayyybe if I had some of these super cool cleaning products I'd feel more like it...... or maybe not.. but it's gotta help right?

1  Sparrow's Nest Paperclip Holder from Pop Deluxe  2  Laptop Sleeve from Pop Deluxe  3  Sparrow Wall Hooks from Pop Deluxe  4  Kitchen cleaning gear from Full Circle  5  Slipper Genie via  This Next  6  Home Organising Workbook from Pop Deluxe  7  B_E_E Cleaning Products from Beauty Engineered Forever  8  Octopus Scrubbing Brush from Pop Deluxe 9  Laundry interior via Daily Mail  10  Toilet Brush from Alessi  11  Tawashi Dish Scrubbers via ohdeedoh  12  Bubble Blower dish brush from Pop Deluxe  13  Hedgehog dish brush from Pop Deluxe

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