Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Ceramics

Today I don't feel like talking about ceramics... so I won't! [I'ts my blog.. I do what I want]

I am sick... sick. sick... sicccckkk of cold weather!! I can't wait for spring! I was going though my photos from spring last year and wishing it was warmer. I love those days when it gets warm enough to go outside in shorts! You might be a little cold but you can stand it coz you know that the days are getting warmer and spring is coming. So the next day you even venture to wear a t-shirt... That might be pushing it a little so you gotta put your cardigan back on.. but you know it's getting warmer and spring is coming... 

I really look forward to those days! They are the days you go outside and breath in the delicately scented air, squint into the bright blue crisp sky, turn your face to the warming sun, put your arms out... and spin.... spin til you feel dizzy and then fall down into the long warm grass. Those are the days... the perfect days of spring!

So in homage of spring... I did a little something up to remind me of some of the things i like about spring...

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