Friday, August 20, 2010

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Micmacs

The other day Mr Peck and I watched a movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet called Micmacs.

You may know Jeunet as the director of Amelie [my all time favourite movie] or A Very Long Engagement [also very good] or you might not know him at all [because his movies are in French - which in my opinion are the most interesting/quirky/thought-provoking/cool movies out there].

If you don't know these movies I suggest you watch them! :) 

Micmacs [like Amelie] was a fun quirky film about Bazil, a guy who gets a bullet randomly lodged in his head and goes about bringing the weapons company which made the bullet down.

 It is full of fun, interesting characters including Calculator, a math expert and statistician, Buster, a record-holder in human cannonball feats, Tiny Pete, an artistic craftsman of automatons, and Elastic Girl, a sassy contortionist.  

The film is full of the quirky humor Jeunet has become known for as well as some beautiful imagery and ideas. I loved the last scene in which Tiny Pete creates a floating dress [but I can't find any pictures of it]

It is such a creative film and has definitely become one of my favourites!


  1. you've certainly piqued my interest Jasmine. Amelie is in my top 3 now I'm keen to see this one!

  2. OOhh I'll have to find this one. Mike and I recently saw A very long engagement, and enjoyed that one! So we'll have to see if we can find this one!

  3. let me know if you end up watching and what you thought :)
    it's cool that i can spread the word!


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