Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm taking a ceramics class at college and am pretty excited about the possibilities. In our first class we were given the task of finding some inspiration to stick in our process diaries and I thought I'd share some of the ceramics I've been loving [even before looking for class]

Note: Oh dear.... I've just been looking.... and I've found soooooo many beautiful ceramics! I might have to do a bit of a series so I can post all of them!!! So from now on every Sunday will be Ceramics day :) yipee!

Vases from Nathalie Derouet  2  Syam Blanc Plates from Jars Ceramistes  3  Doily Stones from Otchipotchi  4  Red Tree Cup & Plate from Yasha Butler  5  Teacups from Samantha Robinson  6  Rusty Ceramics from Kirsten Coelho  7  Calder Plates from Dinosaur Designs

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